Types of Spa Treatment Courses
Are you only available for one or two weeks?

Express “short stay” treatment course
We will offer an intensive regimen with a daily schedule. Therapists and trainers will assist your treatments and training. The results are immediate and the methods are guaranteed non-invasive.

You can’t wait to improve your figure and you’re ready to devote up to six weeks?

Intensive “medium stay” treatment course
We will prescribe a spa package with activities three to four times a week, featuring a combination of treatments that meet your needs. The results will be measured during and at the end of the package, at which time a plan will be recommended to maintain the results.

You need to dedicate time to your well-being?

“Long stay” treatment course
We recommend a global wellness package combining fitness techniques and treatments, backed by continuous follow-ups. The results will be visible gradually for a sustainable and long term period.