G spa has chosen to work with two exceptional brands that propose natural cosmetic products inspired by ancestral methods, in accordance with the principles of conservation of nature and the environment.

Cinq Mondes: A unique and refined experience

A pioneer in the design of formulas without petrochemicals, silicone or paraben, Cinq Mondes was one of the first brands to commit itself to a strict laboratory charter with the Natural Laboratory Guideline®.

The Cinq Mondes spas offer a wonderful array of high quality treatments, the “Beauty Rituals of the World®”.

For almost 10 years, Cinq Mondes has conducted research into Dermapuncture® in order to offer treatments that are effective and authentic.

Phytobiodermie: The 5 elements of traditional medicine

The Phytobiodermie philosophy is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. It also integrates western methods such as lymphatic drainage and chromotherapy to restore and maintain the balance of vital energy.

The products are manufactured in Switzerland, using natural high-quality ingredients such as: clays, algae, plankton, mineral substances (trace elements) and different oils for the scalp, face and body.

As “our body is not only vital matter but also vital energy”, Phytobiodermie products balance and restore inner energy fluids.

The PHYTO 5 range is inspired by the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine (wood, fire, earth, metal and water).