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At G SPA, we believe in the positive and radiant image you give. Rediscover your skin’s potential and let it reach its maximum radiance with our hydrating, illuminating and anti-aging facials. Our holistic approach will help you redefine yourself and your well-being.

* 20-min treatments are only available as a supplement to other treatments

An entire cure under a single roof

The first step to your wellness cure entails sitting down for a deep talk. We will confidentially discuss your whole lifestyle, from the food you eat, to your working hours, passing by your social and family relationships. After that, a well-thought road to wellness will be mapped out to help you reach the goals you set. The cure will include silhouette treatments, physiotherapy, fitness programs, and aqua-rehabilitation, in a unique package and a special discount including free access to all our facilities: relaxation area, gym and studio with free personal training in our gym. Once the cure is established and followed, a maintenance program will then be followed and our wellness consultant will follow-up on your new lifestyle to ensure your wellbeing.


A specialized treatment designed to help you be in the best shape you can be

At G SPA, we pride ourselves with a variety of science-based trusted treatments using the latest non-invasive techniques and technologies. Our specialized physiotherapists use alternative medicine and respect your biorhythm to help you make wellness a lifestyle. Our specialized team includes acupuncturists, manual therapists, physical coaches and sports nutritionists as well as Chinese medicine specialists.


The best version of You

When you take good care of yourself, it all reflects on your entourage and the people you see every day. Whichever is your current psychological and physical status, we help you reach new life perspectives and manage all the emotions you are going through. Your individual needs and solutions are each addressed – from skin firming to fat management to muscle building or sculpting, corrective postural adjustment, stress management strategies, sleeping hours, nutritional habits – you will lead a balanced life between work, leisure, travel, family life, and couple life. We also help you establish a wellness cure and healthy lifestyle if you are going through psychological challenges and help with pain management (i.e. chemotherapy, breastfeeding, hormonal imbalance, postpartum, etc.) in coordination with your medical doctor.


Our first priority is You

We particularly pay attention to the care you get as a candidate for a happy lifestyle. This is why our customer service is always here to listen to your needs and follow up with your wellbeing.

While designing your wellness cure, we take into account your lifestyle, time and financial budget. Accordingly, we offer short, medium or long-term cures based on your needs and goals.

At G SPA, we’ve got you covered physically and mentally. Taking into account your medical history, your physiological and psychological aspects, your social and professional lifestyle, and the environment you live in, we will walk you through a healthy life that will last a lifetime thanks to the habits we will together instill in your everyday. We will coach you well after the end of your cure.

Free Access To The Relaxation Area

Every massage or treatment you book at our day spa gets you free perks. Enjoy complimentary access to our Hammam and Tylarium, and unwind at our tranquil relaxation area.

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Looking for more than facial treatments?

Explore and select from our wide range of relaxing and invigorating massages, nourishing body wraps, detoxifying body scrubs, and custom spa rituals crafted to awaken your senses.