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At G SPA, we are all united over a strong inner belief that tomorrow would definitely be better once we engage in a journey of self-discovery. We are confident that once the transformation starts from within, it will than reach our close community and world around. This is what you will enjoy and live during your experience at G SPA. Together, G SPA, G FIT, G STYLE and G MED would definitely transport you to this level of wellbeing and internal peace.

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G SPA Today

G SPA is a story of love, development and transformation. The G SPA concept, as it is today slowly came to life in 2005 when our founders came together to develop “Institut Le Gabriel” into a full fledged spa experience.

We at G SPA are proud to be playing a role in setting a strong foundation for a wellness and fitness community in Lebanon. G SPA is the first spa of its kind to offer a complete wellness experience that focuses on body, mind and spirit with a focus on health and beauty.

The vision of G SPA is clear to help transform individuals from within, to educate them about their wellbeing and to guide them to bettering themselves for a phenomenal future.

Be part of our story

Whatever it is that your body, mind or spirit seeks, you will find it within our journey. We draw on wellness traditions from all over the world and create unique experiences for unique clients. Visit one, some or all the departments, it is totally up to you to make the choice and up to us to craft the experience. You have entered our world. You are a part of our story.

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