Comfort Cleanser Duo

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Comfort Make-Up Remover Oil:

All skin types

Efficacy tests
Effectively removes make-up from the skin: 94%
Gently cleanses the face: 96%
Dissolves all types of makeup, even waterproof: 75%
Effectively and effortlessly eliminates pollution particles: 94%
Does not sting the eyes: 73%
Does not leave a greasy film on the skin: 84%
Soothes the face: 98%
* Use test on 52 volunteers aged 18 to 68, over 21 days under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

Comfort Micellar Water:

Efficacy tests
Refreshes the complexion 90%
Leaves the skin soothed 100%
Percentage of satisfaction, test carried out on 22 women aged 30 to 68 with sensitive skin and eyes for the use of Comfort Micellar Water twice a day for 21 days .

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