Pre+Pro Biotic Essence – Ritual From Gulin, China


[Pre+Pro]biotic Essence – a cosmetic water imbued with a [Pre+Pro]biotic Complex formula that boosts the skin’s defenses by multiplying and diversifying good bacteria – is a new innovation for truly healthier skin.
After extensive research, our scientists have been able to highlight the similarity between but microbiotics and skin microbiotics. This ecosystem of micro-organisms needs to be nourished and balanced in order to function properly: protecting, hydrating, boosting the skin’s defensive mechanisms and preventing aging. The concentrated active ingredients in this Water-based-Serum help optimize and stimulate the everyday activity of your skin microbiotics, protecting it from external damage (weather, lifestyle, excessive washing, etc.).

Thanks to its «Quick-break» technology, this light, textured serum melts onto the skin, acting immediately to:
INTENSELY HYDRATE – Leaves skin smoother and full-bodied.
PROTECT – skin microbiotics are re-balanced, and its defensive barriers are reinforced.
BOOST – skin is healthier and its essential functions are re-set.

Skin is hydrated and galvanized against premature aging.
This Essence alone makes for an exceptional step in your pre-skincare routine, leaving your face ready for additional skincare options.

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